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Martin Family Review

Thursday, August 7th, 2014

In this day and age, it is so easy to read reviews of products. When I shop on Amazon, I can spend as much time looking at products as I spend reading customer reviews. Assuming that you are a like-minded consumer, I feel it is important to occasionally share feedback from our customers. The following is a recent one I received via email, but there is now a whole page on our website devoted to customer feedback. We call the page, “Testimonials.” Check it out if you to read more than the following.

Hi Lara,

I wanted to provide feedback on how much we have enjoyed the meat we purchased from you. When we bought the beef,we were just hoping for meat that was from a reliable company without the additional hormones, fat and ‘unknown’ additives of store purchased meat (no matter how ‘organic’). What we received was wonderfully lean, quality, full-flavored meat. Although it originally seemed like a lot of meat so that it might be hard to use it all in a reasonable time, I am surprised at how we have gone through it at a record rate.

Your company made buying the meat and the butchering process easy and straightforward so that we could optimize the cuts that we use the most. The ability to butcher and store the cuts in the thickness and weights that we use the most was also very helpful.

My husband loves to cook and is inspired by good quality ingredients. He loves to cook with this beef! We can taste the difference in freshness and although he has had to adjust his cooking style a bit to account for less fat, this has been a good adjustment.

We can’t wait for our next cow and knowing exactly where our beef came from adds to that enjoyment. Thank you for such a positive experience!


The Martin Family

Thank you, Martin family, for your positive feedback and kind words. We look forward to supplying your family with more grass fed beef in the future.

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