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Moving Day

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

After one very busy day, we are proud to say that all members of our main herd have been moved to the new ranch. We transported the cattle one trailer load at a time. It took most of the day, but our slow and steady approach paid off.

None of the cattle were injured or caused undue stress. Moving and traveling are stressors in and of themselves. Anyone who has moved or traveled can attest to this fact. Fortunately, we only had a seven mile trip.

For safety purposes, we moved all the small calves together in one load. We did not want them getting pushed around, stepped on, or squished by the larger animals.

And, yes, we did take one of our donkeys with the herd. It loaded up with the cattle as if it does this all the time. If you are wondering why we have a donkey, donkeys offer protection from predators. On the new ranch, we feel better with a donkey living amongst the herd. There are coyotes and a panther or two, from which our young calves need protection.

Cattle are funny. As soon as they walked out of the trailer, they put their heads down and began grazing. I think it is funny because my first instinct would have been to look around, take a walk, and see my new surroundings. But I guess, cattle first listen to their bellies.

There is a lot of grass on this new ranch. Almost every time that we check on them, they are laying in the shade chewing their cud. This lets us know that the pastures are satisfying their nutritional needs. In fact, the cattle have put on some weight since the move.

Moving did not set them back. They have new pastures to graze, lots of grass to eat, and plenty of fresh water to drink. They could not be happier with their new home. And, we could not be happier that our ranch has expanded and is doing so well. I will post some pictures of the new place soon.

Getting Ready to Move

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

When the owners of Cross Creek Cattle Company purchased additional land in order to expand our ranch and the provide room for business expansion, we knew the property would require many hours of physical labor in order to be ready for our herd.

Our primary concern is fencing. Without proper fencing, you cannot contain your cattle nor can you keep out neighboring herds. After years of neglect, the perimeter fencing was in bad repair. Trees had fallen in some places like a game of pick up sticks. My husband and some hired men worked long, hard days removing the trees and limbs, clearing the fence lines, and repairing the fences. In many places, it was easier to completely rebuild the fence from scratch.

I am pleased to announce that the perimeter fencing is complete. Our borders are secure. Now my husband’s focus has been the cross-fencing. Pasture rotation requires good cross-fencing whether it is a sturdy 5 string barbed wire fence or a fence made with hot-wire. My husband reports that the cross-fencing is now 95% done.

Unfortunately, this new property has a infestation of feral hogs. We have them on our home ranch, but not near to the extent of the new ranch. In some places, the hogs have disked up the earth. Weeds then come up instead of grass; therefore, the wild hogs are posing a threat to our livelihood in the grass fed beef business. Cattle have to have grass in order to survive without grain.

I have written before about this problem and how my husband built a hog trap. The trap has been very effective. In the last three weeks, we have killed 37 hogs. Monday alone we trapped and killed 21 wild hogs. Not only are we feeding the local community and filling our own freezers with wild pork, but we are making a small dent in the feral hog population.

Now that the pastures are being taken care of with the removal of wild hogs and with the sturdy fencing, our next concern is water. There are many lakes and ponds on the property. One pond’s dam had broken. It has since been repaired with a bulldozer. Now all the waterways are accessible and full to the brim thanks to all the rain we have been receiving.

The next project that my husband must tackle is repairing the existing cattle pens. Once we take our herd of mama cows and the bulls to the new ranch, we will have to have a way to work and pen them up. Our plan is to use our home ranch for the sole purpose of finishing out our grass fed beef.

We are not quite ready to move our main herd just yet, but we are laying the groundwork. When we do eventually move the herd, this will not affect our customers at all. The grass fed animals will still be at the home ranch and you will still pick up your orders from the home ranch as well.

We are so excited about the expansion of our ranch and of our business. As the demand for grass fed beef increases, we are trying to keep up with the demand. We thank our customers for making this possible.

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