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Summer Forecast 2014

Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

As grass fed beef ranchers, we are not only concerned with the health and growth of our cattle. We also try to keep our eye on weather patterns, amount of rainfall, etc. This summer experts are predicting an El Nino effect over the Atlantic Ocean.

Therefore, they are looking for less hurricane and tropical storm activity. Experts are only looking for about one major hurricane this season. However with that low prediction, they keep reminding everyone that one storm is all that it takes for disaster to strike.

Hurricane activity does impact us to a degree. We get winds and rainfall. We always have the possibility of a tornado spinning from the atmospheric imbalance of the storm. However, we are far enough from the coast where we do not feel the complete devastation of the hurricane.

Rainfall throughout the summer is what mainly concerns us. Drought has effected us for years now and we are finally out of it. With it fresh in our minds, we do not want to slip back into that devastating pattern. We need the proper amount of rain for good growth in our natural grasses for our cattle.

Last year we had pretty good rain. Our pastures responded including our hay fields. We are hoping for a repeat.

It looks like because of the predicted El Nino, we could definitely enjoy a wet summer without a lot of hurricane activity. Not a bad forecast. Now if only the prediction comes true.

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