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A Hog Story

Thursday, January 23rd, 2014

Pig Wrestling

Before I tell this story, you have to understand one thing. That is that my son, Jake, is not like most twelve year old boys. Well, not the twelve year old in today’s society. He is more like the twelve year olds of the American past.

Jake is only happy in the great outdoors. Hunting, fishing, ranching, are some of his favorite hobbies. Well, they are not even hobbies; they are his life. It is what he does.

Jake is the epitome of a free-range kid. His dad and I value his life-skill learning as much as his academics. And, he has thrived learning survival skills, carpentry, all about guns, car repair, etc. Therefore, Jake is self-confident in these areas. As I continue my story, I think a little too confident.

While at the new ranch with my boys, I decided to winterize the camper stationed out there by undoing the water hose to allow the water to siphon out. A big cold front was on its way and I did not want the water lines to bust. At first the hose would not budge and I left my boys, Jake and Andrew, at the camping site while I drove to the tractor parked in an adjoining pasture to retrieve a tool.

When I returned, I did not see my boys. Unconcerned, I unfastened the hose with the help of the tool. I heard a squeal past the brush unmistakably of a hog. We have a trap over there so I was again unconcerned.

“How many did we catch?” I called out to Jake. I did not hear a reply, but continued to hear the high-pitch squeals. I watched as the last drip of water fell from the hose.

As I straightened up, I saw movement in the brush. There is a dry creek bottom between the camping site and the trap which is full of yaupon, bushes, and trees on its banks. I saw the bright orange of Jake’s shorts and heard the squeals drawing closer.

As Jake reached the top of the bank, it all became clear. Here was my son holding the back two legs of a wild piglet, driving him up the creek in wheelbarrow fashion. Andrew followed behind with his face beaming.

“What in the world?” I asked.

“We caught it bare handed!” both Jake and Andrew exclaimed in unison.

Before I could respond Andrew added, “And it was trying to bite us.”

I shook my heads and said, “You think?!”

I looked at their shirts. Jake was wearing a Batman t-shirt and Andrew was wearing a Superman one. I think the superhero mentality went straight to their heads.

Jake killed the pig and cleaned it by himself. It is the perfect size for the pit. Well, we had to have a conversation about the dangers of their decision. Where was the mama sow is the most pressing question.

I don’t think they will do it again. Since then, Jake has killed more wild hogs, but he did it safely with a gun.

As moms we pray for the Lord to keep our children safe. The majority of mothers in the United States are thinking cars, child predators, bike accidents, etc. Mothers out in the country are adding snake bites and apparently now injuries sustained in wild hog attacks.

Never a dull moment for me. As my dad would say, “Welcome to the ranch!”

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