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Livers, Kidneys, and Hearts, Oh My!

Thursday, July 25th, 2013

With half and whole orders, customers get to decide if they want to save or discard the organ meat. Our quarter order customers, get to divide the organs between who is interested in them. Our customers seem divided evenly. 50% gleefully pack the bag of carefully wrapped organ meat in their cooler. The other 50% tell me with a crinkled nose to please keep them for someone else or myself.

Over the years, people have discarded organ meats, but I bet that most of our grandparents or great-grandparents ate liver or tongue among other organs. I’m not sure exactly how eating organs has fallen from our diets, but I can tell you that I am particularly wary of eating organs from unknown sources. Most of the organs act as a filter of sorts like the liver and kidneys. You don’t want to partake of an organ full of antibiotics, hormones, or chemicals.

I would not hesitate to eat organs from a naturally raised animal like our grass fed beef. I could eat them with confidence. I find it interesting that wild carnivores will usually eat the organ meat first before eating the remaining meat of the carcass. This discovery led to changes in zoos for the diets of lions, which has allowed these captive animals to reproduce efficiently (Nourishing Traditions 300). Therefore one can conclude that organ meats have something to offer in terms of nutrition, vitamins, minerals, etc.

Our grass fed customers are offered heart, liver, kidneys, ox-tail, and tongue. At this point in time, I think that most people do not know how to prepare the organs for dinner. If that is the case, let me recommend a great read, Nourishing Traditions, by Sally Fallon.

This book has an entire chapter devoted to the preparation of organ meats as well as nutritional, historical, and scientific information about the organ meats. You can find instructions on organ preparation. There are recipes like heart kebobs, breaded liver, and kidney-rice casserole.

Hopefully this has not grossed all of you out. In fact I hope that you are intrigued in learning more. “A return to traditional foods is a way of taking power away from the multinationals and giving it back to the artisan…Technology propels us headlong into the future, but there will be no future unless that technology is tamed to the service of wise ancestral foodways” (Nourishing Traditions 316).

Cross Creek Cattle Company is a family-owned and operated ranch, which specializes in grass fed beef. Therefore, we are artisans in this context. We turned back the clock and raise our cattle the way God-intended and how our ancestors did. Consequently, grass fed beef has many health benefits. Some of the most nutrient rich cuts that we offer are overlooked or avoided by our customers-the organ meats, which our ancestors wisely ate. Check out Sally Fallon’s book if you want to educate yourself on the advantages of adding organ meat to your diet.

Benefits of Grass Fed Beef in Your Diet

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

I have spent a lot of time telling you about the benefits of eating grass fed beef compared to the beef readily available in your local supermarket. Comparing grain fed beef to grass fed beef is something that interests me in my line of work as well as a mother of five children. I try my hardest to feed my family in a healthy manner, and beef for the most part gets a bad rap in health news. In my opinion, the two products are really two different things.

I don’t want to compare the two in this article. I have already done it several times, including on our website. To look at that information again, please click here. What I have not done is just tell you the benefits that grass fed beef can offer your family.

I was reading an article by Scott Morefield on Natural News entitled, “Four Great Reasons to Eat Organic, Grass Fed Beef.” In his article, Mr. Morefield reminded me that beef has health benefits in and of itself. He created a short list of four reasons to consume grass fed beef.

Since the T-Factor Diet in the late 90s became popular, people have become obsessed with grams of fat. Food companies responded by making many products fat-free. However, fat is necessary in our diets. Grass fed beef offers fat in a healthy ratio of Omega 3 and Omega 6s.

A healthy diet is filled with rich sources of protein. Our bodies need essential amino acids to function properly. I know that I personally feel better throughout the day when I rely on different sources of protein instead of the sugar blues that I get when I eat starchy foods. Grass fed beef is a delicious way to add healthy fats into your daily regimen.

Not only is grass fed beef a great source of protein, but it is also full of necessary vitamins and minerals. Scott Morefield writes, “Beef is a one-stop-shop, a rich source of B vitamins, zinc, iron, potassium, phosphorus, selenium, magnesium, etc.”

Grass fed beef can be a part of a healthy diet. The GAPS diet, Primal diet, and Paleo diets all promote grass fed meats, including beef. This delicious red meat has many benefits on its own, but compared to your alternative in the stores is much better for you.

Make Sure to Catch Our Episode

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

Cross Creek Cattle Company is being featured on Dr. Ward Bond’s brand-new show, Think Natural, on Tuesday, September 13th at 11:oo a.m.  Dr. Bond is a nutritionist and television host among other things.  He and his camera crew spent a day with us on the ranch not long ago.

Kenton Holliday, the owner and my dad, was interviewed extensively about the history of our family and ranching, the transition of our family’s ranch into the grass fed business, and the difficulties and adaptations of being in the middle of the worst drought in recorded history in Texas.  I was also interviewed mainly about the health benefits of grass fed beef.

We have obviously not seen the episode, and we don’t know what made the cut on the editing floor; however, we are excited about the show.  We invite you to tune in your television to ABC’s Live Well Network on Tuesday morning at 11:00 September 13th.  The time zone is Central.  If you live in the Houston area, the Comcast channel is 315 and/or 685.  It also airs on TV Max channels 116 and 118 and En-Touch channels 661 and 662.  If you are live my family and have an antennae, the Live Well Network is on channels 13.2 and 13.3.

Dr. Bond also posts the episodes on his website, Dr. Ward Bond’s Nutritional Living.  I will post the episode on Welcome to the Ranch as well in case you cannot get the Live Well Network where you live.  So, really you don’t have an excuse to miss the Think Natural episode on grass fed beef and our ranch.

Think Natural

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

Tuesday was an exciting day at Cross Creek Cattle Company.  Dr. Ward Bond, a nutritionist and television host, arrived with a small camera crew to spend a few hours at our ranch.  Dr. Bond is the host of Nutritional Living, a program that is in its sixth season, which is devoted to showcasing natural products and nutritional information.

A brand-new show, Think Natural, will begin on August 30th.  It will air on ABC’s Live Well Network in Houston, Texas.  Dr. Bond is doing an episode on grass fed beef.  We are honored that he chose our ranch to showcase.  He interviewed my father, Kenton Holliday, who is the owner of Cross Creek Cattle Company, as well as myself.  It was a pleasure to discuss what we do here on our ranch with a nutritionist.  Dr. Bond was well-versed in the health benefits of grass fed beef.

We also enjoyed taking our guests on a walk through our herd.  We showed them the free choice minerals that we mix from kelp meal, stocker salt, and diatomaceous earth.  The camera man was impressed with the condition of the calves that are in the finishing process.

It was also fun for us to invite them to lunch.  What did we serve?  Grass fed beef, of course.  My father grilled hamburger patties prepared simply to showcase the flavor of grass fed beef.  We also served salad and chips.  I think they really liked our beef since they went back for seconds.

The grass fed patties did not exhibit much shrinkage due to the fact that the meat is naturally so lean.  Cooking the patties at a lower temperature and for less time on each side insured that the patties were not dry.  We seasoned them with salt, pepper, and a little garlic powder.  If you don’t mind me saying, they really were delicious.

All in all, Tuesday was a great day for our family and our ranch.  Being able to help spread the word about grass fed beef is an honor.  I will let you know when Cross Creek Cattle Company will be featured on Think Natural.  I hope that you check it out as well as support Dr. Ward Bond as he tries to educate people on health, nutrition, and natural living.

The Grass Fed Difference

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

Whenever you believe in something, it is nice to hear others agree with you.  It confirms everything you have discovered for yourself.  At Cross Creek Cattle Company, we believe in grass fed beef.  We believe that the beef is healthier for your body.

We believe it is ideal to allow nature to do as it was intended.  Cattle were made to thrive on grass.  So we rotate our cattle from green pasture to green pasture allowing them to forage for themselves.

We believe that growth hormones, steroids, antibiotics, etc are not good additives to our food supply; therefore, we do not use them.  “You are what you eat.”  Our cattle enjoy free choice loose mineral mixture of salt, kelp meal, and diatomaceous earth.  The latter is a natural de-wormer.

We love our land.  It has been in our family for generations.  Not only do we work hard to be good stewards of the land, but we encourage wildlife to live here too.  We have set up a wildlife refuge on part of our property.  A variety of wildlife can be observed or heard.

Environmentally-speaking grass fed beef is very friendly to the earth.  Through pasture rotation, our cattle are not only eating fresh grass, but they are not eroding away the soil with heavy traffic in one area.  The cattle fertilize the soil.  Since they are not confined in the same spot day after day, there is no offending odor drifting from our ranch.

I found this video by US Wellness Meats.  Their slogan is “Our animals eat right so you can too.”  If you don’t understand what grass fed ranching looks like, this video will show you a typical grass fed operation in action.  If you are not sold on the health benefits of grass fed beef, this video will tell you some important information.  And if you are already convinced about the benefits of grass fed beef, this video will just confirm your beliefs.

I want to thank everyone who has signed up on our waiting list for grass fed beef.  It is not too late to sign up.  Email me at or leave a comment with your name, address, email address, phone number, and what size order you are interested in purchasing.

The Truth About Beef

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

Beef often gets a bad rap from doctors.  Patients have been told time and time again to cut back on their consumption of red meat.  People relate heart disease and cholesterol to beef as well.  Chicken farmers certainly appreciate this phenomena because chicken is then seen as one of the few healthy alternatives to beef.

My husband grew up in a home with three women.  His dad passed away when he was young; therefore, he was surrounded by his mother and two older sisters.  When I met him, he was relieved that I liked beef and knew how to prepare it.  He told me that all they ever ate at his home was chicken.  After all, chicken as everyone knows is much better for you or so his family thought.

This is just an example to illustrate the need to educate yourself.  It is difficult to question your doctor.  They have spent years learning about health and your body.  Who are you to question their expertise?

The cookbook that will change the way you eat.

The cookbook that will change the way you eat.

Well, I question everything.  I read and research for myself.  I am certainly drawn to information in which there seems to be no incentive except for finding the truth.  This is one of the reasons that I appreciate Sally Fallon.  She is the President of the Weston A. Price Foundation and author of the cookbook, Nourishing Traditions: The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats.

I wrote a Review of Nourishing Traditions for Texas Homesteader.  If you are interested in learning more about her book, please check it out.  Ms. Fallon has written an interesting article entitled, “It’s the Beef.”  It is a lengthy article full of information, but I wanted to give you a taste by including a small section in this article.

Is Beef Good For You?

What a shame we have demonized red meat because this is one modern food, enjoyed by almost everybody, that is rich in nutrients. Red meat provides complete protein, including sulphur-containing proteins like cysteine. Beef is a wonderful source of taurine and carnitine, needed for healthy eyes and a healthy heart. Beef also provides another key nutrient for the cardiovascular system—coenzyme Q10.

Beef is an excellent source of minerals like magnesium and zinc—you need zinc for clear thinking and a healthy sex life. The fuzzy-headedness that vegetarians mistake for heightened consciousness is really the fog of zinc deficiency. Vitamin B6 is abundant in meat, especially rare meat. Red meat is one of the best sources of vitamin B12, which is vital to a healthy nervous system and healthy blood. Vegetarians are especially prone to vitamin B12 deficiency. One of the first signs of vitamin B12 deficiency is a tendency to irrational anger-—so much for vegetarian claims that we will have a more peaceful, harmonious world if we all just stop eating meat.

As much as I would like world peace, I do not want to give up the health benefits of grass fed beef.  How boring would that be at dinner time?

I try to post health and diet information on this site as it pertains to beef and/or grass fed beef.  If learning more about health and nutrition interests you, read more on the Weston A. Price Foundation, buy the book Nourishing Traditions, or enroll in the Real Food for Rookies cooking class.

The latter is a new course held by Kelli the Kitchen Kop.  For years she has studied Sally Fallon’s book and methods in addition to being a member of the Weston A. Price Foundation.  She is offering a 12-week cooking course about real food.  To see the class schedule, click here.  Class #4 is all about “Choosing the Right Meats.”

You can take the course on your own time and at your own convenience.  Registration is on-going until September 15th.  Then the first class begins on the 16th.

Whatever you decide to do, educate yourself about the real foods, especially about beef.  You don’t want to miss eating such a versatile and flavorful option for your dinner plate.  You can then say with confidence, “Beef, It’s what’s for dinner.”

Top Ten Reasons to Buy Grassfed Beef

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

10.  It is lower in fat and higher in vitamins and minerals.Eating Steak

9.  It tastes great and is flavorful.

8.  It is free of hormones, antibiotics, steroids, etc.

7.  It has a healthy balance of Omega-3s which makes grassfed beef heart healthy.

6.  The overall health benefits of grassfed beef support the change from grain-fed beef.

5.  You gain peace of mind because you know from where your beef came.

4.  Going grassfed is an environmentally-friendly and green option.

3.  Buying grassfed beef  supports local and family-owned ranches.

2.  We raise beef as nature intended on fresh, green grass and with plenty of fresh water.

1.  It is an affordable investment in your family’s health, nutrition, and well-being.

Cross Creek Cattle Company will be harvesting beef soon.  We have a limited supply still available.  It is not too late.    We sell split quarters, halves, and wholes.  Place your order for all-natural, grassfed beef today.

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