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Fall Games 2014

Thursday, October 9th, 2014

The calendar does not lie. It really is October, but it does not feel like it at all. In fact, I don’t think we have had such heat and humidity in October in my lifetime. It is just as hot as the summer. The meteorologist from Houston marveled over the dew point last week stating that it was typical of June and July, not October.

Fall is supposed to mean sweaters in the early morning and evening. Soups and fresh bread. Campfires to sit around at night and tell tall tales. Pumpkins and autumnal foliage. In this part of Texas we have so many evergreens that we have very little leaf color, but even that is not visible.

Fall is also time for hunting. I see deer corn flying off the shelf and loaded down pick-up trucks with deer feeders and ATVs cruising down the roads. Camouflage is everywhere. Dove season has already begun. Regular deer season is fast approaching and bow season is already here. It sure does not feel like it though. Hunters like the cooler temperatures because it helps to get the game moving.

Another big game in the fall is football. Whether you prefer professional, collegiate, or high school level play, there are games being fought out everywhere. Again it is just too unseasonably warm to truly enjoy the game. You shouldn’t have to wear shorts and flip flops, slather yourself with sunscreen, and swat mosquitoes the whole time.

There is just something missing this fall, and it is the crisp air, the cooler temperatures, and colorful display of change in nature. Autumn is one of my favorite seasons for the reasons listed above so if it wasn’t for hunters and football fanatics I would not even realize we were in October.

I am definitely no expert, but I did a little research to see what this type of autumn forecasts for winter. Apparently we are not to be fooled into thinking we are living in a perpetual summer. Winter will come and it will come with power. In fact the winters are usually so much harder that this time period allows us to stock our food supply even higher.

Since most of us have grocery stores we can visit year-round, maybe we should make sure we have sufficient firewood or natural gas. For ranchers having plenty of hay will be the issue. In other words, get prepared. Fall might not be here, but winter will be. In addition to the fall games of football and deer, mother nature is playing a game with us.

Simple Pleasures in Fall

Thursday, September 20th, 2012

Leaves from hanging from a Chinese Tallow tree in Autumn.  Painting by Lara DeHaven.

Leaves from hanging from a Chinese Tallow tree in Autumn. Painting by Lara DeHaven.

Spring and Fall are my favorite times of year. This weekend is the official beginning of autumn; however, we have enjoyed fall-like weather this past week. This morning it was 57 degrees!

We have all heard the saying, “Stop and smell the roses.” You don’t want to get so busy in life that you stop living in the present. When the seasons change, it always makes me so thankful for each one. I try to enjoy the simple pleasures in life in each season.

In the autumn, I enjoy the crisp coolness of the morning. My favorite thing to do is sit outside and drink my first cup of coffee. It was cool enough this morning that I could also snuggle up with a blanket. The ground was wet with the morning dew. The plants and trees look refreshed after the 4.2″ of rain we had this past week.

The deer are on the move crossing through the pastures. The squirrels are actively seeking fallen nuts and acorns. Migratory birds are beginning to pass through on their way further south. The coats on the horses and cows are beginning to thicken and grow longer. Everything is transitioning for colder weather.

Humans must transition too. We have firewood to split and pile. We have coats and jackets to dig out of the attic. We have favorite soup and chili recipes to prepare to make.

After the intense heat of the summer, fall means relief. It means falling back into a more structured life with school and activities starting again. Fall is a time for harvest, which includes grass fed beef. Autumnal colors will dot the landscape soon, and I look as forward to that as I do to spring flowers.

All of creation is showing the sweet signs of fall. Regardless of where you live, take the time to enjoy the simple pleasures of this season. It is only here for a short time.

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