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2014 County Fair

Thursday, June 12th, 2014

Another very busy Grimes County Fair and Rodeo has come and gone. It was filled with a bustling week of activity in the heat of early June. My kids worked hard, and their hardwork paid off. Below are the highlights of the week in photographs. Between competing in creative arts, goat show, swine show, pee-wee show, and mutton bustin’, we were spending 12-14 hour days at the fairgrounds. The latter activity is the only one not shown in pictures below. I will have to do that event separately at another time.

In-County Champion

In-County Champion

Jake is an experienced livestock judge and has competed at various contests. This was the highest he has ever placed. 1st as an individual in the Junior Division, which qualified him as the In-County Champion. We were thrilled. Kyla also competed. It was only her second time to livestock judge at a competition. She had to compete in the Senior Division. Regardless her score was great even though she did not place. We are so proud of both of them.

Kyla showing her market goat project. The judge had just passed her.

Kyla showing her market goat project. The judge had just passed her.

Kyla’s market goat died an accidental death a month after it was officially tagged in with the fair; therefore, she was done. However, my sweet Jake gave her his goat project to raise since he had a swine project, too. Since we tagged everything in as a family, it all worked out. Kyla worked her butt off turning this goat into a meat wagon. The judge liked him, she placed well, and made a good profit at the Premium Sale.

Jake showing his market swine project, Susie.

Jake showing his market swine project, Susie.

Without a goat to raise, Jake turned all of his attention to his market swine project. She was easy to raise and gained weight well. We were very hopeful as we counted the days to the fair. While transporting her in a trailer to weigh her, Susie somehow injured her back left leg. She limped bad, which is one of the things judges look for to rule out your pig. Jake did not place bad considering her injury. The judge told him that she was a great pig, but because she was crippled he could not place her any higher. We completely understood and were thrilled that he qualified for the Freezer Sale where he was able to get top dollar.

Isaac showing off RJ's chest after his show.

Isaac showing off RJ’s chest after his show.

Andrew making his pig strut her stuff.

Andrew making his pig strut her stuff.

Both Isaac and Andrew competed in the Pee-Wee Shows for pigs and goats. They did great and we can really see the benefits of having experienced, older siblings. They are already so much further along in showmanship than any of my older kids were at their ages.

Kyla's Grand Champion Art Work in the Senior Division.  It is a mixed media painting with marker and pencil.

Kyla’s Grand Champion Art Work in the Senior Division. It is a mixed media painting with marker and pencil.

Isaac's Grand Champion Art Pee-Wee Division.

Isaac’s Grand Champion Art Pee-Wee Division.

Both Kyla and Isaac brought home Grand Champion rosettes for their artwork. It was just one of the many surprises of the week.

Needless to say, we had an eventful and successful week at the 2014 Grimes County Fair. Regardless if it was judging, showing, or creating, all the activities require hours of hard work and training. Nothing just happened. The county fair in the heat, humidity, and dust might not sound appealing to many of you, but the life lessons and opportunities make it all worth while. Last week was truly a snapshot of life filled with challenges, surprises, losses, and victories. We survived and are stronger for it.

They are already thinking about and planning for next year. So look out the 2015 Grimes County Fair, we will be back.

Grimes County Fair Results

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

Family is one of the most important things in this world to Cross Creek Cattle Company.  We are a family-owned and operated ranch located in Grimes County.  My children are active in the community as we represent ourselves as well as our ranch.  This past week has been an extraordinarily busy one as the 59th Annual Grimes County Fair consumed most of our time and attention. 

Saturday, June 4th, Jake DeHaven showed his Beefmaster heifer at the fair.  This was her last show and she went out with a bang.  Together Jake and Sugar won Reserve Champion Beefmaster.  Needless to say, Jake was thrilled and excited and we were so proud of him. 

We have retired Sugar from the show ring.   Jake already has his eye on his next beef heifer project for 4-H.  He will begin the process of halter-breaking soon.

Jake’s success with his show heifer has inspired my daughter, Kyla, to also want to do a beef heifer project next year.  Isaac and Andrew, my youngest boys, were able to show Sugar in the Pee Wee Beef Heifer Show.  They had so much fun in the show ring with her.  The show sticks were twice their size, but they worked hard to handle them correctly.  They cannot wait until they are old enough to be in 4-H and show heifers, too.

Kyla was busy with her own animal projects.  She won 5th place with the goat, which qualified her for the Premium Sale.  The most impressive part of the day was when she won a belt buckle for Junior Showmanship.  She wears it proudly. 

Both Kyla and Jake had swine projects.  They did not do as well as they would have liked; however, they learned a lot about raising pigs.  Despite the fact that they did not place high, Kyla was called back for Showmanship.  This was a great honor because most were not.

In Creative Arts, Jake won Grand Champion for his watercolor of one of our dairy goats.  He also got Reserve Champion for a crocheted dishcloth, which he sold at the silent auction.  Kyla won Grand Champion for embroidering her little brother’s name on a homemade blanket.  Their other projects including jewelry design, photography, etc. received blue ribbons.

Isaac and Andrew competed in a Kids Rodeo.  The events were stickhorse racing, dummy roping, and a boot scramble.  Isaac won 1st place in dummy roping.  He spends time outside practicing with Jake and the practice paid off.  He won a brand-new pale green lariat.  I have never seen a child more proud of a lariat before. 

All in all we had a very good year at the Grimes County Fair.  Our family and ranch was well-represented.  I speak for all of us when I say that we are so proud of Kyla, Jake, Isaac, and Andrew.  They worked hard, learned a lot, and it shows.

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