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About the Owners

Kenton and Cathey Holliday

Kenton and Cathey Holliday

Kenton and Cathey Holliday own Cross Creek Cattle Company in Plantersville, Texas.  Kenton grew up always knowing what he wanted to be: a rancher.  Most of what he knows came from working side by side with his grandfather, Walter Clarence Holliday.  Kenton enhanced his knowledge through formal education while getting his degree in Farm & Ranch Management from Texas A&M University.  He gained even more real-life experience through trial and error.

Cathey grew up in rural Oklahoma.  She loves horses.  A former barrelracer in the rodeo circuit, she complements Kenton’s cattle, horse, and farm life experience.

Along with other members of the family, Kenton and Cathey hope to share what life is like on a working ranch.  Lara DeHaven is Kenton’s daughter.  She raises a large family of her own on her farm which is next door to the ranch.  She homeschools all five of her children and loves to write.  She is the business manager of Cross Creek Cattle Company.

Her oldest three children will be writing from time to time on this blog.  The oldest is Clayton Holliday.  He is twelve years old.  Clayton is an accomplished violinist and photographer.  He rides horses well and is a ranch hand at Cross Creek Cattle Company. 

Kyla DeHaven is the only daughter of Lane and Lara.  Kyla is nine.  She dances ballet and jazz.  She plays the harp.  Kyla can sew, cook, and take beautiful photographs.  She also rides horses and works as a ranch hand. 

Jake DeHaven is a cowboy at heart.  For the seven years of his life, he has helped work cows, practiced roping, rode horses, and participated in mutton bustin’.  He plays the fiddle and baseball.  He is a talented photographer as well.  These are the family members that are going to be sharing their experiences living on a working Texas cattle ranch.

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