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About the Author

Lara Holliday DeHaven

Lara Holliday DeHaven

Lara DeHaven is the daughter of Kenton Holliday.  She is married to Lane DeHaven, the ranch manager of Cross Creek Cattle Company.  One of her responsibilities as the business manager is to write for the ranch blog called Welcome to the Ranch!

Through her writing she hopes to share information on raising grass fed beef and what it is like living and working on a real cattle ranch in Texas.  Lara wants to share her family’s experiences on Cross Creek Cattle Company from working cows, riding horses, to hunting and fishing.

In addition to Welcome to the Ranch!, Lara runs her own website dedicated to living self-sufficiently called Texas Homesteader.  She is a contributor to My Creativity Blog and the editor of Cross Creek Horsemanship.  The Texas Homesteader Wheat-Free Cookbook is now published and available in print.

Lane and Lara home school their five children and live on the ranch.  They raise their own vegetables in an organic garden as well as their own livestock.  They also milk goats.

Lara is pleased to have so many forums with which to  share her knowledge and experiences.  She hopes that you enjoy this ranch blog.  After all, you are always “Welcome to the Ranch!”

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