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Open Air Meat Market

Thursday, August 28th, 2014

meat market smaller

My husband, our only daughter, our 13 year old son, and I just returned from a mission trip in Uganda. We had an amazing time together serving the community, the missionaries, the church, and the Lord.

If you have ever traveled to Africa, you know about sensory overload. There are so many sights to take in and so many things that you don’t normally see that your mind swirls trying to process everything. As we passed through a bustling town filled with customers and vendors, we pulled over to purchase drinks for the remainder of our drive.

I looked to my left and there was an open air meat market. Beef was hanging from hooks while butchers were cutting off hunks of beef for waiting customers. It was fresh beef. The hooves and head were laying on the ground. On a table were the organs and other miscellaneous pieces. One vendor was weighing out organ meat to sell.

Beef is expensive in Uganda. At restaurants, beef costs a lot, chicken is more, and pork costs the most. So it is quite the opposite from the United States. In a culture where villagers live off of a diet high in starch, most of their protein comes from beans and peanuts, which they call ground nuts or g-nuts.

When we were served beef on occasion at a villagers home, it was usually beef bone broth. I knew how healthy the bone broth is as well as how uncommon it is to have beef on a daily basis in Uganda. They were putting out their best for us.

Inevitably when you return from a third world country, you cannot help being humbled by how blessed we are as a family and a nation. I wanted to show you this photograph and describe the open air meat market because I thought it would interest you as grass fed customers and/or fans of ranch living.

There is a movement to go back to how things were done in the past. Slow food movements, lacto-fermented foods, and traditional sourdough breads are among the trends of my health-conscious generation. I have a feeling that many of you would feel uncomfortable purchasing your beef in this fashion. Please let me know if I am wrong by leaving a comment.

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