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Split Quarter Available

Thursday, August 29th, 2013

As we sell grass fed beef, we offer whole, halves, and split quarters to the public. The latter is literally a half of a half, which means that it consists of half of the beef on both the front and hind quarters. Therefore, it is only available with standard cuts, like t-bones, rib-eyes, roasts, and ground beef.

Standard cuts give you a great opportunity to see the cuts the average beef eater desires. It also allows you to stretch your cooking repertoire if you are only used to eating ground beef. I had one customer excitedly call me to describe her first and delicious encounter with beef round steak.

The split quarter is also a great way to experience grass fed beef for the first time. For couples or small families, it might meet your needs for beef better. A split quarter order will fit in a standard refrigerator freezer; therefore, you won’t have to purchase a deep freezer.

By next month, we will have filled the needs of our customers on the waiting lists. All of these have patiently waited months for their grass fed beef to be ready to harvest. Sometimes we sell half and then several whole orders with a split quarter, so we are left with a split quarter unsold. Instead of making everyone wait until it is sold, we go ahead and harvest.

This exactly describes how we have a split quarter available today. This situation rarely happens and hopefully it will be perfect timing for one of you. You can literally enjoy grass fed beef this weekend by being the first to contact me at

If you have any questions about a future order this fall or want to discuss purchasing this currently available split quarter, please contact me. I will be more than happy to discuss your options with you.

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