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Grass Farmers

Many grass fed ranchers claim to be grass farmers because getting your grass right is half the battle. The grasses in the pastures have really greened up now because of some recent rainfall. As we get deeper into the fall season, the grass will continue to loose its nutrients until it is just filler. At that point, we like to call it standing hay.

Since we are still growing out calves on grass throughout the winter, we choose to plant winter grass. This week my husband and son, Jake, have been busy planting three different types of grasses. We are planting one field in a mixture of rye grass and ball clover. Some in just rye grass. One pasture in oats.

Oats? You might wonder how we can raise grass fed cattle on oats, which is a grain. Oats are only a grain once the plant goes to seed. The oat that gets hulled, rolled, and steamed is the grain that you are familiar with in your breakfast bowl. Our cattle will eat the nutritious plant until late in the winter when it will go to seed. Of course, we won’t let them eat the actual grain.

Other plants that cattle love to eat are milo and corn. You can plant those and allow your cattle to eat them prior to making the grain. It is an option that we have not done.

Making sure that our cattle have grass year round requires time, money, and hard work. We feel sowing winter grass seeds in several pastures is worth it. We have piece of mind that our cattle are getting nutritional benefits from the grasses even in the coldest days of the year. Therefore, they are able to gain flavorful muscle, which in turn makes our customers happy.

Another benefit of raising winter grass is that we have the most beautiful pastures in the area. The bright green of the rye grass and the deep green of the oats contrast sharply against the grayness of winter. It is an aesthetic perk of farming grass.

It doesn’t matter to me if we are grass fed ranchers or grass farmers; it is only a name. The truth is that we are both. Raising grass fed beef is a process that relies on pasture grasses. Without one, you could not do well with the other. This week we are just more focused on the grass farming aspect of our jobs.

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