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The News Around the Ranch

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

Last Sunday afternoon, my family sat down with a reporter from the Consumer Media Network on our home ranch. She was interested in our business and the slow-food movement, which is gaining in popularity.

After the interview, we took the reporter and her assistant on a tour of the new ranch. It is so much fun to see the excitement on people’s faces as they see where you work daily. It helps you not take what you have for granted.

For curiosity sake, I cannot wait to read the article. Since the interview changed from being a question/answer session into a conversation, I have no idea what she will use in her writing. I’ll let you know when it is published, and we can read it together.

Another bit of news is that one of our best customers is a best-selling author. On her blog, she wrote an article entitled, “Never Go Hungry Again?.” In it she writes about my worst nightmare in the grass fed beef business, which is a freezer mishap. Read about her experience and see how Julie Kenner handled the situation with quick thinking.

Also in the article, I couldn’t miss what Julie writes about us, “Cross Creek is awesome! We absolutely love the owners, their customer service and, most of all, the product. If you’re in Texas and looking for a source of grass fed beef, check them out.”

That is the news around the ranch as of late. It is an exciting time. We want to thank our customers again for getting the news out about us and our grass fed beef.

Review from Blackwell Family

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

We had the pleasure of giving the family of Lizette and Adrian Blackwell a tour of our ranch when they came to pick up their split quarter order of grass fed beef. We enjoyed meeting them and visiting with them as we surveyed the state of the ranch in the midst of the drought.

On occasion, I like to post reviews or testimonials from our customers. I know as a consumer I like to hear or read other families’ experiences before I make a big decision. Purchasing grass fed beef in bulk is an investment; therefore, consider the following review written by Lizette Blackwell.

Our family had the pleasure of doing business with Cross Creek Cattle Company last year. Since buying grass-fed beef directly from a ranch was new to me, I decided it would be best to buy a split quarter. Up until then, I mostly used ground beef when I cooked beef. So when I came home and found there was round steak, sirloins, brisket, rib eyes, T-bones and ribs, I was a little intimidated. I started out with the ground beef before getting out of my comfort zone.

I had read a lot about grass-fed beef being higher in omega 3’s and lower in fat since they weren’t fed corn, but I didn’t expect it to look different too. Somehow, it just looked healthier. When I cooked it, it even smelled different. It smelled better. And there was hardly any fat I had to drain. When I served it for dinner, my husband commented, “Now, that is quality beef.”

I was given a cook book for our wedding that I hadn’t touched because it didn’t have a lot of picture. It was Southern Living’s 75th anniversary edition and there was plenty of recipes to aid me in cooking the other cuts which were all so delicious.

What impressed me most about Cross Creek Cattle Company was Lara DeHaven’s integrity. They had just adopted some cows that were not grass-fed from birth. So, she was selling them as grass-finished. Lara could have easily compromised and sold the cattle as grass-fed, but she didn’t. That speaks volumes to the customer.

We have now moved to the Dallas area and although there are plenty ranches and farmers here selling grass-fed beef, I will be returning back for more. If your are on the fence about buying from Cross Creek, don’t be. Order a split quarter and try it out. You will not be disappointed.

Summer Thunderstorms

Thursday, July 12th, 2012

What I would have given last summer for the week we have had! However, I am very grateful for the storm systems that have gone through Texas this past week. We have gotten rain every day and the thunderstorms have been tame. No scary lightning bolts. No house shaking thunder. No flash flooding. No tornadoes. Just good solid rain with faint rumblings of thunder in the distance.

Our soil is saturated. The lakes are filling up again. It is amazing how much water evaporates in triple digit heat. This past week we have received a total of 8 glorious inches of rain. Wednesday alone we recorded a whopping 6.4″.

The 7-day forecasts have been very strange lately with rain chances each and every day. We are not accustomed to such meteorological predictions. And, they have actually been true.

One of the best side effects of this summer rain is that it feels so much better outside. The week before the heat and humidity almost took your breath away when you walked outside. Despite efforts of prevention, my husband has gotten too hot several times this summer while managing the ranch. One of our employees also suffered the effects of heat exhaustion.

The rain has brought welcome relief. Don’t get me wrong, it is hardly cool. The temperature still gets up in the nineties, but with the clouds and overcast sky, it is much more tolerable.

The rain has refreshed our pastures and woods. Its fresh scent hits you as soon as you walk outside. The rain has replenished our waterways. The water levels have climbed about a foot or more. The rains have also refreshed our spirits after several very hot and dry weeks. I feel so blessed by the rain that I don’t even mind the extra mopping in my entry way to remove muddy and wet footprints.

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