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Benefits of Grass Fed Beef in Your Diet

I have spent a lot of time telling you about the benefits of eating grass fed beef compared to the beef readily available in your local supermarket. Comparing grain fed beef to grass fed beef is something that interests me in my line of work as well as a mother of five children. I try my hardest to feed my family in a healthy manner, and beef for the most part gets a bad rap in health news. In my opinion, the two products are really two different things.

I don’t want to compare the two in this article. I have already done it several times, including on our website. To look at that information again, please click here. What I have not done is just tell you the benefits that grass fed beef can offer your family.

I was reading an article by Scott Morefield on Natural News entitled, “Four Great Reasons to Eat Organic, Grass Fed Beef.” In his article, Mr. Morefield reminded me that beef has health benefits in and of itself. He created a short list of four reasons to consume grass fed beef.

Since the T-Factor Diet in the late 90s became popular, people have become obsessed with grams of fat. Food companies responded by making many products fat-free. However, fat is necessary in our diets. Grass fed beef offers fat in a healthy ratio of Omega 3 and Omega 6s.

A healthy diet is filled with rich sources of protein. Our bodies need essential amino acids to function properly. I know that I personally feel better throughout the day when I rely on different sources of protein instead of the sugar blues that I get when I eat starchy foods. Grass fed beef is a delicious way to add healthy fats into your daily regimen.

Not only is grass fed beef a great source of protein, but it is also full of necessary vitamins and minerals. Scott Morefield writes, “Beef is a one-stop-shop, a rich source of B vitamins, zinc, iron, potassium, phosphorus, selenium, magnesium, etc.”

Grass fed beef can be a part of a healthy diet. The GAPS diet, Primal diet, and Paleo diets all promote grass fed meats, including beef. This delicious red meat has many benefits on its own, but compared to your alternative in the stores is much better for you.

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3 Responses to “Benefits of Grass Fed Beef in Your Diet”

  1. Jay Says:

    I’m also a mom. My family loves to eat meat and I want to give them healthy meals. When I researched the benefits of grass fed beef, I was amazed when I found out how much healthier it is than grain fed. I can’t get it from my local supermarket, so I always order online from La Cense Beef. Their website also has really good recipes.

  2. Yanqui Mike Says:

    Hello Lara from way down south in Argentina!

    I just discovered your blog tonight and I´ve about read every post. Great to hear of your successes and especially great to hear that you made it through last year’s drought …we´ve had our own experiences with that and it really changed our market the way I think it will change yours.

    It´s a little different here than Grimes County. Down here, grass fed and grass finished cattle are going the way of the film camera while up there grass ranchers seem to be making inroads every year.

    My wife and I are trying to maintain all the old traditions and, may God bless us everyone, we have done well. We raise Aberdeen Angus on a big ol’ ranch acres deep in the Wet Pampas. We´d love to sell sides and quarters but there is NO tradition of doing that here. We are, instead, steadily moving toward marketing our beef retail in the big town of Buenos Aires about 200 miles away.

    Tell us more, tell us more, tell us more! And if you’re ever in Argentina, you can expect a real gaucho welcome.

    besos y abrazo a vos y toda tu familia,
    Mike y Lili

  3. Lara DeHaven Says:


    Thank you so much for leaving a comment, which gives us a little insight into the grass fed business in Argentina. It is so good to hear that you and your family are doing well; however, I am not happy to hear that the business in general is going the down a different path.

    If I ever find myself in Argentina, I would love to look you up. Likewise, we can throw a good ol’ fashioned Texas barbeque for you.

    Gracias y Dios le bendiga,

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