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Support Your Local Farmers and Ranchers

Just recently Food Safety News came out with a disturbing report about honey. To read more, you can go to another article I wrote called, “Fake Honey?” to get the details of this news. The gist of the report is that most honey offered at grocery and other retail stores is not what bees make. Instead it is ultra-filtered sometimes diluted with water, which the FDA does not even recognize as honey.

The study also found that all the honey sold at farmer’s markets and health food stores was indeed honey. Therefore, all the honey enthusiasts out there need to track down good and trustworthy sources of honey from local beekeepers.

The honey scandal is just one more reason to support your local food producers. Looking for food produced by local farmers and ranchers not only insures that you receive the freshest products, but also supports them so that they can continue to provide food for your family. It is a mutually beneficial system for all involved.

At Cross Creek Cattle Company, we take pride in our grass fed beef. It is a pleasure to be able to produce lean, healthy beef for other families. The beef is raised in a natural way without man-made interference. It has no antibiotics, no grain, no hormones. The cattle live as nature intended on fresh water and a diet of grasses. It is the real deal, just like the honey I want in my morning coffee.

It is more challenging to find reliable sources of food, but a good place to start is at your local farmer’s market. The internet is second best, which is where most of our customers find us. Buying naturally raised food by local farmers requires some time and traveling. This is no one-stop shopping, but the rewards are priceless.

For one, you can rest assured that you are actually eating what you think you are eating. After reading the results of the honey study, this peace of mind is worth ever penny that I spend. It does not take a degree in nutrition to instinctively know that eating organically-grown, fresh vegetables, meat, and other food is better for the health of your family.

If you are looking for a source of grass fed beef, consider Cross Creek Cattle Company. We plan to harvest our first batch of grass fed beef in early spring. Right now, everything is already sold. Therefore, you have plenty of time to plan and find freezer space. Regardless whether you order beef from us, support your local farmers and ranchers when you can.

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