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The Silver Lining

Thursday, May 12th, 2011
Our new pier at the lake.

Our new pier at the lake.

I have already written about the exceptional drought we are experiencing here in Texas.  One indication was a sign on a local nursery.  It read:

“New Shipment
Drought Resistant Plants
Now Available.”

The drought is so bad that the nursery is adapting what it carries in stock.  We have adapted, too.  We are feeding hay and alfalfa cubes, which I wrote about in the article, “Exceptional Drought.” 

Today we were blessed with 0.7″ of rainfall.  It might not sound like much; however, it rained for about two hours at a good rate.  It was a good soaking rain.  And, we are so thankful. 

Optimism runs high here at Cross Creek Cattle Company.  We decided to make the best of the lower water level in our largest tank.  We call it the lake because it encompasses about a three acre area.  Our family loves to fish in this stocked watering hole.  We have a row boat that we use for fishing and for fun.  Occassionally we will swim in the lake also.  Despite all we do at the lake, we did not have a pier. 

Well all that has changed.  My husband and I along with our boys have constructed a 30′ long pier.  When the water is at its highest level, it will come just under the platform.  We are looking forward to spending hours with our family enjoying the ranch even more with the help of this pier. 

Because of the drought, we have not seen many rain clouds, but we are still looking for the silver lining.  We seized the opportunity to build a pier for years of enjoyment.  Hopefully we will continue to get rain until we have caught up to our average rainfall.  We know that the drought will eventually break, and our lake will be full once again.  When that happens, I will be the first to run and jump off of our new pier.

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